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Mayweather VS. McGregor: Recap On The Fight Of The Century

The fight of the century ended very well for Floyd  Mayweather and Irish champion of the UFC – Connor McGregor . They are hundreds of millions richer and everyone pretty much walked away from the fight satisfied. It wasn’t the most exciting fight ever as far as what went on in the ring, but for a good fair fight that lasted ten rounds, it was highly entertaining.

It Didn’t Start Until Midnight On The East Coast

For all the East Coast viewers, staying up to watch the fight required a few extra cups of coffee, or Red Bull with vodka if that’s your drink of choice. Showtime PPV had some issues with their feed in some places, so the fight didn’t start on time. It was well worth the wait. Conor McGregor walked in ready to rumble, with a simple Irish flag draped around his neck and a resolved look on his face to do his best. As the underdog, fight fans were naturally rooting for him to at least give Floyd Mayweather Jr. a run for his money.

When Mayweather walked into the arena, his outfit was like something out of a horror movie. The man knows how to push the envelope of fight drama. Black face mask, hooded coat, straps, zippers, leather, and who knows what else was on that getup. Some people thought he looked ridiculous, while others thought the look was quite fierce. I was reminded of the “Gimp” in Pulp Fiction, but regardless Mayweather had his game face on.

The Match Itself

 The match started out slow, with each contender throwing in some decent jabs. No one seemed to be getting the upper hand as the scores were basically tied through the early rounds. As it hit around the 7th round, you could see a visible shift in Mayweather’s strategy. You could tell he was just trying to wear down McGregor. Once the 8th round hit, all holy hell broke loose as Mayweather landed some harder, more aggressive shots, and you could tell he was in total control of the situation.

Round 10 TKO Knockout Of McGregor

 Then it was over. In the 10th round, the ref called it a TKO. McGregor was basically knocked out on his feet. I thought they should have just let it roll until he fell to the ground, but I guess the ref knows more than I do considering my boxing education comes entirely from the Rocky movies.


photography by Tom Donoghue


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