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Viva Luxe Partners With Global Fashion Icons Saks 5th Ave, Porsche, YSL & Zegna

This week Viva Luxe completed it’s second installment. The Gatsby Gala at Gaudin Porsche of Las Vegas to benefit local animal rescue shelter Noah’s Animal House.



Viva Luxe brought together Titans of fashion and style to raise thousands of dollars for a worthy cause. Saks Fifth Avenue presented the runway show and curated the music exclusively. YSL BeautyErmenegildo ZegnaElena Bulatova Fine Art Las Vegas and StitchedLife together with Luxe Acceso En Vivo created a high-fashion, black-tie event experience not seen in Vegas until now.

”It’s great to see the growth of this new platform in Las Vegas,” said Sancho Van Ryan, CEO of Viva Vegas TV. “We have partnered up with the biggest names in Luxury and Fashion around the world. Our movement brings together the best minds in the non-profit community to make a real difference which is where we got our tagline – Social Decadence.  The Viva Luxe experience is the energy of Las Vegas, glamour of Hollywood and New York’s high fashion all in one.”

The second installment presented by Gaudin Porsche, raised thousands of dollars to benefit Noah’s Animal House. This shelter focuses on the pets of women and children who have been victims of domestic violence and is one of the only shelters of it’s kind.

DETAILS:          Viva Luxe events are founded on giving back to the community through charities that focus on the most pressing social issues of our time. Built on a foundation of worthy causes, our monthly events bring together the best in fashion, automotive, culinary & art.

Some of our partners include: Three Square (A member of Feeding America), The Shade Tree of Las Vegas, Animal Shelter of Las Vegas, Wounded Warrior Foundation, The Farm, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and many more.




About Noah’s Animal House Shelter

Noah’s Animal House in Las Vegas is a full service boarding facility on the grounds of the largest women & children’s shelter in Nevada. It was built in 2007 as our flagship operation after recognizing how many other arrivals at The Shade Tree Shelter were desperately seeking the same safety and protection for their pets. After nine years in operation, we have cared and protected over 1,000 pets for 90,000 boarding nights for the women and children at The Shade Tree. What we now know is that women won’t leave their pets behind to be abused as a payback and with Noah’s Animal House, they no longer have to make that choice.

As a result of all our work in Las Vegas NV, we recognize the need to replicate our original model and we strive to continue in this role as a means of advocating and servicing those most in need. Our board is proud to announce the expansion of our services to Northern Nevada with a second location opening in early 2017 in partnership with Committee to Aid Abused Women (CAAW). To donate go to www.noahsanimalhouse.org

VIP PLastic Surgery, Viva Luxe, Sancho Van Ryan, Noah's Animal House, Gatsby Gala

Dr. Christopher Khorsandi of VIP Plastic Surgery one of the main donors to Noah’s Animal House shelter

Jeff Maroz and Noah Auspitz of Pawsh Palace of the main donors to Noah’s Animal House shelter

“No Pets Allowed” does not have to be the answer given by US domestic violence shelters when a women and child need to flee an abusive situation. Noah’s Animal House Foundation will deliver a full service operating solution to select domestic violence shelters seeking the addition of a pet program to their organization.
Eliminate the final barrier that is prohibiting domestic violence victims from leaving their abuser by providing on-site shelter for their pets.
Work side by side with domestic violence shelters to provide temporary on-site shelter & care for the pets of the victims of domestic violence.
Compassion – With respect for our diverse communities and a willingness to put ourselves in the shoes of others, we act from the heart.

Collaboration – We believe in the power of working together, and we are thankful for those who help us help others.

Innovation – The status quo is yesterday’s news; we believe new ideas will drive efficient solutions to the oldest of problems. Communities will expect to see collaboration between non-profit organizations.

Stewardship – By planning ahead and holding ourselves accountable, we ensure the responsible and sustainable use of resources in the long-term.

Transparency – We operate in the public eye, with integrity and respect for those who fund us, rely on us, and give us their time and trust.

Urgency – It is not enough to plan; we must act with all speed to help those who are being abused.

About Viva Vegas TV


Viva Vegas TV is a premier events and marketing company servicing the west coast with headquarters in Las Vegas. A division of the Future M3dia group, Viva Vegas TV specializes in nightlife and daylife with the following services.


– Event management and execution
– Event based marketing and sponsorship programs
– Social media marketing campaigns
– Nightlife and party full service concierge
– Commercial and short film production
– Videography and video editing
– Beauty Pageant creation, marketing and execution
– Celebrity interviews
– Event photography
…and of course
– The most fantastic promo models on the planet, the #VivaDolls




Alex Baum

The Baum Agency




Sancho Van Ryan


Viva Luxe


Viva Luxe is the premier events and media company based in the United States; A division of Future M3dia Group which is a full-service advertising and creative agency. We are celebrating our Tenth Anniversary with an aggressive expansion program active in over 5 countries across 3 continents. . . We create and execute the best pageants, contests, luxury runway shows and more with the biggest global brands in Hotels, Casinos, Fashion, Automotive and more. Some of our past and current partners are: Saks 5th AVenue, Miss USA, Miss Universe, YSL, Porsche, Cadillac, Ermenegildo Zegna, Wynn Las Vegas, MGM International, Caesars Entertainment, Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, MAXIM, SBE, Hard Rock Hotels, UFC. . . JakePaul-TanaMongeau-Wedding-VivaLuxe-SanchoVanRyan We have produced multiple large-scale events with major global media coverage totaling over 1 Billion streams. Recently we are on assignment with Jake Paul in Calabasas California where we have done groundbreaking work on his executive team. We support many causes that are important to our community through our events. We raise money to end hunger (www.threesquare.org), domestic violence (www.shadetreevegas.org), violence to animals (www.noahsanimalhouse.org) and cancer (www.lls.org) with our partners – Check us out at www.vivaluxe.tv

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